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Products and equipment for water filtration, water purification and water treatment as well as chemicals.


Absolute Process Technologies is working towards making a difference to protect our water supply in South Africa.

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About Absolute Process Technologies

Absolute Process Technologies designs, builds and supplies filter systems for the industrial, commercial, residential and food service industries. We treat borehole water, ground water, municipal water and rain water sources.

We provide services for water conservation and water demand management applications such as municipal backup systems, monitoring and management products, rain and wastewater harvesting.

We offer water efficiency management and back up water systems for shopping centres, office blocks, schools, hospitals, old age homes, estates, hotels and factories.

Our goal is to supply cutting-edge products and services that add value while providing the highest level of customer service.

What We Offer


Water Purification

Industrial Filtration

Commercial & Domestic Filtration

Food Service Filtration



Back Up Water Systems

Water Effeciency Management

Consumption Reduction & Monitoring


Plant Service and Maintenance


Borehole & Ground Water

Rain Water

Municipal Water

Food Service

Filtration for Fertigation

Our Mission

Absolute Process Technologies is working towards a goal of protecting our water supply in South Africa. Our aim is to support South Africans in their efforts to conserve water by offering expert advice, quality products and providing manageable water conservation solutions. Together we can make a difference, contact us for more information on the #SurplusWater2025 campaign or visit

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