DAB E.sybox Mini Cube


DAB E.Sybox mini-cube 0.75kW self-priming automatic water pressure booster system for domestic or commercial applications


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Dab E.sybox mini cube Pressure Booster System with multi-stage pump & electronic inverter to save electricity. Pressure and flow sensors are easily adjustable on simple to use LCD display. The Water Booster System has an integrated 1L expansion tank. Includes a variable speed drive to make the system automatic. Flow up to 80L/min, Head up to 55m. 220V. (We also supply E.Sybox 1.1kW & E.Sybox Twin Booster System) Features:

  • 0.75kW Self-Priming Automatic Pressure Boosting Pump.
  • Comes With Multi-Stage Pump & Inverter To Save Electricity.
  • Pressure & Flow Sensors Easily Adjustable On Simple To Use LCD Display.
  • 1L Expansion Tank Integrated Into The Water Booster System.
  • This Easy To Install Water Pressure Booster Automatically Adapts To Your High Or Low Water Needs.
  • Domestic Or Residential Application.

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Weight 14.6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 32 cm
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