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    Backup Water Systems

    With the ever-increasing likelihood of water restrictions and poor maintenance of our water infrastructure, water cuts and shortages are becoming an everyday norm affecting business and households alike.

    Some facilities like hospitals, schools, old age homes and industries where water is part of the process can’t go without water during any part of the day.

    Businesses are also under pressure to supply water for staff and is especially important for the ablution facilities as well as fire backup systems. A water cut can result in the loss of production for a company as they often send staff home.

    We offer:

    • 2- 4 days water back up in the event of water interruptions.
    • Booster pump provides pressurised uninterrupted water supply.
    • Holding tank sized to provide water for 2 – 4 days supply.
    • Piping valves and installation.
    • Quality filtration system if required.
    • Pressure reducers and valves included in installation.

    Plastic holding tanks available in capacities from 200 to 27000 liters.

    1. Tank
    2. Base / Plinth
    3. Pump
    4. Pipes

    Assumed ¾ inch galvanised pipes
    4a. 25mm diameter (minimum) from tank to gate valve, to pump.
    4b. 20mm diameter (minimum) from pump to house, to tie into mains.
    4c. Supply tank with municipal feed to float valve at the top of the tank.

    1. Elbows

    Sizes vary according to pipes (quantity will vary based on the setup).

    1. Gate Valves

    To isolate components and manage the system.

    1. Non-return Valves

    To ensure no back pressure to the main supply.

    1. Float Valve

    To control the fill height of the tank (pay careful attention to the height for best results and to ensure that the tank is level).

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