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    Water Consumption Reduction and Monitoring

    We work with strategic partners to help clients reduce water consumption by implementing remote loggers.

    Why monitor water consumption?

    If you can measure it, you can manage it. Your water consumption can easily and quickly escalate out of control if not monitored continuously. With deteriorating infrastructure, a leak can easily run for more than 60 days before being picked up due to a high council bill. This is worsened when taking into account that estimate reading are taken on a regular basis, thus not picking up on increased consumption. With continuous water monitoring by means of electronic logging equipment, excessive consumption can be highlighted within 24hrs. The proposed monitoring system for the identified sites will update hourly, to ensure no inefficiencies are left unchecked.

    Installing an electronic logger on your incoming water meter, will provide the following information:

    • Exact daily consumption
    • Minimum night flow (MNF). This will indicate presence of any leaks
    • Flow profiles
    • Peak demand (important when designing specifications of backup system)
    • Burst pipes, running toilets, irrigation times and volumes
    • Automated alerts
    • Daily, weekly, monthly reports
    • Data stored for 4 years
    • No billing surprises

    Data logged will be made available every 24 hours at 05:00 every morning indicating the past water consumption for the facility. This data is kept for five years on the platform, accessible via the Internet on a secure web based platform. The platform will also allow the client to setup reports that will be automatically send out to pre-specified recipient via email. Data can also be exported from the platform for analysis when needed. Crosschecks on council reported and billed consumption can also be done. Dates can be customized to show data for a specific time frame. The platform will also display data like the respective meter reading, the average per day for the time frame, the minimum and maximum daily consumption and the total consumption.

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