DAB E.sybox Twin Kit


DAB E.SYBOX TWIN KIT 1.1kW self-priming automatic pressure boosting pump. Comes with multi-stage pump & inverter to save electricity. Pressure & flow sensors easily adjustable on simple to use LCD display. 2L expansion tank integrated into the water booster system. This easy to install water pressure booster automatically adapts to your high or low water needs. Domestic or Residential application. Flow up to 120L/min, Head up to 36m. 220V


  • Twin 1.1kW Self-Priming Automatic Pressure Boosting Pump.
  • Comes With Multi-Stage Pump & Inverter To Save Electricity.
  • Pressure & Flow Sensors Easily Adjustable On Simple To Use LCD Display.
  • 2L Expansion Tank Integrated Into The Water Booster System.
  • This Easy To Install Water Pressure Booster Automatically Adapts To Your High Or Low Water Needs.
  • Domestic Or Residential Application.
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DAB E.Sybox Twin Kit 1.1kW self-priming, multi-stage pumps with electronic inverter, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable, high resolution LCD display and an integrated 2 litre expansion tanks.

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